What Time Is It?

Good morning World. What time is it? Is it time to go to work? Time to change? Time to make a diffrence? It is time to do whatever you want.  Be spontaneous. Do something thrilling, or maybe something you would never normally do.  Whatever it is do it! Studies show that a little bit of spontaneity relieves stress and helps sharpen your mind. If your most exciting part of the day is checking the mail when you get home I highly recommend this my friend. Now I’m not saying be stupid and spray paint your boss’ car. That’s so far from where i’m coming from. Maybe a little act of kindness to a neighbor or co-worker. Go the long way from work, or heck skip work that day if you really need to! Human beings were not meant to live out the same routine day after day. We were made to wonder. Have you ever looked at a massage parlor and said ,”I wonder how that feels?”, then told yourself I don’t have the time or money. Well make time and save up for it! Indulge in yourself.  Eat too many chocolates every once in a while. One time of sweets won’t kill you or make you any fatter so stop telling yourself that. Go on that trip you always dreamed of but told yourself it could never be. Or get the number of that cute salesman/woman! Who knows, they could very well be the love of your life,and for you thrill seekers go skydiving or ride a really big roller coaster at a theme park. What I’m saying is live a little. Don’t let fear get in the way of doing something amazing. Think about it.


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