Hello followers and visitors. Today will be the day that I help my fellow piers. Something we suffer through out our entire teenage and young adult lives. Who is the perpetrator? Acne. Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that you’ve already tried everything. Well keep reading. You may find something you don’t know and I’m not just talking about remedies.
Now what causes acne? There are many factors that affect the cause of your breakouts. Hormones, certain bacterium, dead skin cells, dirt, excess oil, and the list just goes on! How’re we supposed to counter all of those causes? I’m going to have to be honest. You can’t. It’s a hard truth but its better to accept it than to become obsessed with it. Despite that, there are methods of regulating the severity of your problem. Which I why I’m here sharing that knowledge with you. If you have an actual skin condition then I’m not sure how well this will help you if it helps you at all, but you are more than welcome to try. So lets get down to business.
There are many products and remedies that supposedly “help” your acne as long as your willing to burn a hole in your wallet. And don’t get me wrong there are some cheap products you can use that give results, but there is so much you can do without spending a dime. Your diet. You are what you eat as they say. Instead of chowing down a Big Mac or that leftover pizza in your fridge, try eating healthier options. And drink plenty of water. Water detoxifies the body, hydrates the skin, and washes away blemishes and scars. Try to limit your caffeine, sugar, and dairy intake because these are also some causes if they are eaten too often. Get plenty of antioxidants. Like water they help clear away those problems and they boost your skin and metabolism. Lemon juice also dries out blemishes but if you’re not hydrating your skin well enough then this may just increase the problem. I can’t stress to you how important it is to drink plenty of water throughout your day. It just really relieves your skin and gives you a glowing look.
Girls. You gotta stop using that foundation and powder. It does nothing more than increase the problem. Think of it as putting on a layer of mud everyday. It traps dirt and plugs your pores. I found that wearing face makeup for one day would leave me broken out in the morning. It was hard for me to stop using makeup but I did. So I know if I can you certainly can. Your foundations also have a lot of oil in them too, so keep that in mind. There’s also a few products that I’ve used and they’ve all worked. The funny thing is that they are all by Neutrogena. I use their Clear Pore facial wash/mask, their oil free sensitive skin moisturizer, and their 2 in one rapid clear gel. All very good products and they’re all cheap, but to warn those with sensitive skin the wash may be too harsh or you might just need to use it periodically.
I know it’s embarrassing to have acne, but it’s really ok. We are young and in fact it’s quite normal for us. This is one of the most awkward stages of our life so yeah there’s gonna be a lot of insecurities and mixed emotions. Not to mention that we are all the time bombarded by the media, and how they “think” we should look. All the models and stars you see are mostly fake. They’re airbrushed to look beautiful and I promise you are just as pretty. So don’t stress about trying to look like them. In fact if you stress and think about it enough the problem just gets worse. Have positive thoughts! Don’t look at yourself in the mirror and degrade yourself by all the things you think are wrong with you. Your value is in in your looks but in your character. No one likes acne and I get that, but don’t let it put you down. I really hoped this helped some of you out their struggling in being a teenager and trying to fit in. Or maybe you found yourself some peace. Whatever it is I’m glad I could help in some way. I hope to read any questions and/or comments. This whole blogging thing just isn’t as great without feedback. So live well, be courageous, and have a good day!