Warm the Hearts of the People of Moore, Oklahoma

Warm the Hearts of the People of Moore, Oklahoma

Hey guys. I’m sure all of you have heard about what happened in Oklahoma and it is truly upsetting. There’s an idea floating around about little baskets filled with simple origami flowers to warm the hearts of the people in Moore. Here’s the steps.
1. Buy a pack of origami paper
2. Buy little noodle boxes(at Walmart)
3. Look up easy oragami flowers instructions
4. Make about 15 flowers or so
5. Fill a couple of noodle boxes with flowers
6. Maybe even put some money in a separate noodle boxes
7. Put all of the little boxes in a big box
8. Find the address to Moore city hall
9. Put a sweet note inside big box
10. Send the flowers to the suffering!
Please help these people in need. This is very inexpensive project and will put a smile on their faces.
God bless Oklahoma. Oh and let them know what it is for in the note.